18 Free Ink Marble Paper Textures

Marble texture is the latest hot trend! It?s being used in all sorts of mediums; in flooring, nail art, sugar cookie and cake decoration, ceramic kitchen accessories, phone cases, and last but not least paper art. It?s a mystery whether marble texture was an intended experiment or an accidental one, but whatever the real story is, we can?t deny it looks artistic and naturally beautiful.
Today?s freebie includes 18 ink marble paper textures. Every single texture was created by ink marbling on water (its surface), so each artwork is completely unique. You can use these beautiful JPG marble ink textures for your branding projects, logo design, trendy poster design, custom greeting cards and all sorts of print accessories like mugs, t-shirts and phone cases. Thanks to Pixel Buddha for sharing these time-saving ink paper textures.

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