Engraving & Halftone Effect Creator (PSD)

Some designs hold a certain presence in our mind, an artistic perspective that we?re all familiar with yet cannot recreate without the use of this effect from Pixel Buddha. This is the engraving and halftone effect creator, a wide collection that includes 12 Photoshop effects with a variety of styles like engraving, cross waves, lines, and dots, with 3 modifications available for each, 30 gradients, and a help file. Each effect holds a design of its own, and even though they all offer a distinct change to your work, what makes them special is the raw look and authenticity they add to images and photographs.
With the smart objects, you can easily make adjustments and add the effects to urban pictures of buildings and busy streets or images with more natural settings. Create retro printing designs, stationery projects, banners, flyers, posters, apparel items designs, and many more, and let art be presented and highlighted with the imperfections it holds.

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