Free Android Smartphone Mockup (PSD)

Those who are familiar with phone-related resources always look for something innovative from fear of seeming repetitive, and this is why we strive to provide our users with new tools. Say hello and welcome to the newest addition to the family!
This is the Samsung Galaxy S10+ smartphone PSD mockup shared by Mockup Cloud. It showcases a mobile leaning on a surface with shadows and highlights from a perspective point of view. With its 5500 × 3800 pixels resolution, it offers a number of customizable features. You can easily insert your graphics into the screen to include wallpaper, website, and application designs, change the color of all background elements using a CS4 Adobe Photoshop version or a higher one and remove and edit the floating widgets.  And if you’d like even more options, take a quick look at the premium version that features multiple scenes and angles!

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