Free Clothing Vector Badges (AI)

Every fashion business from elegant brands such as Gucci and D&G to more casual ones like GAP and H&M took a leap of faith. And when these wonderful concepts were introduced, all they needed was a matching branding design.
But thankfully today, the digital world offers the help that all designers need with this clothing vector badges collection presented by Graphic Pear. Suitable for casual attire and vintage presentations, this set which includes 16 logos in total can be easily personalized via Adobe Illustrator. Designers can easily change the shapes and the colors, taking into account the background on which they will be set from clothing labels to shopping bags, as well as the texts and the typography designs. In addition to the name, some logos feature when and where the brand was established, so artists can bring to the stage not a single typeface but a combination of fonts, weights, and special effects.

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