Free E-Scooter App Dashboard Template (Figma)

Scooters have recently grown in popularity. And as transport and technology slowly modernize the world, motorized scooters, also known as e-scooters, became considered part of powered transport. So to let you ride as safely as possible, we share Rockit, a free e-scooter dashboard created and shared by Piyush Kumar Singh.
The template features engaging illustrations, an organized design, and a wonderful color concept that can be used for your e-scooter related projects. ?Your scooter in one app? greets users with a friendly design and a menu that includes options for the home page, profile, travel history, and settings, among others that are necessary for any app. Don?t spend your day anxious wondering whether you locked your scooter or not. Just put your mind at ease by checking your app, and always keep track of your total distance, battery percentage, and average speed.

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