Free Makeup Bag Mockup (PSD)

Makeup bags occupy a very specific niche and can’t be replaced by anything else. They are portable containers and organizers, but, confusingly, they are not a bag – not in the standard sense anyway. You won’t see anyone walking around with just their makeup bag, but you’ll also be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t have it on most of the time.
An item so essential needs to be properly designed. The best tool for that end would be this fantastic makeup bag mockup from Mockup Den. This graphic of a faux-leather makeup bag is highly versatile and customizable. It looks incredibly realistic and it is shaded perfectly to give it depth and character. Moreover, the light texturing on the bag will easily lend credibility to your next project. This mockup comes in a single PSD file and does not come with the background pictured.

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