Free Neon Mockup (PSD)

Bring light into the darkness. Whether it is light of your mind, your soul, your heart, or even the light of your designs, what matters is that it shines bright and that it makes your world a better place. And we’re here to make sure it shines brighter than before with this new mockup.
This is the neon light Photoshop effect mockup designed by Lil Bro from Halley Research Station. It allows you with a few clicks to turn your ideas into shining masterpieces. The easy-to-download and to-use resource can be used on any element. Simply paste your designs and save them in the smart Photoshop objects. A great choice for any of your logos, letterings, posters, ads, web designs, or really anything you want to shine brighter than a diamond! All we want is for your designing job to be easier, and this is exactly what this effect helps make possible.

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