Free Pizza Box Package Mockup (PSD)

They say there’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza on your lap. Pizza is love in the form of food; and the best thing about it is that you could have at all times of the day whatever the occasion is; whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or sleepover traditions with your best friend. A weird thing about pizza is that although it’s round-shaped, it comes in a square box.
Today’s freebie is a PSD pizza box packaging mockup. It will allow you to present your packaging design in a professional photorealistic way. The PSD is available in blank mode, so you can easily add your graphics via smart layers and edit the background according to your taste. You can add some pizza ingredients in the background like mushroom, tomatoes and pepperoni, or pizza bread crumbs for a more realistic presentation. This mockup can also be used for any take away boxes (for example it can be used for crêpes, donuts). Thanks to Pixeden for sharing this pizza box mockup.

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