Free Square Pillow Mockup (PSD)

We all love pillows! They’re soft, fluffy, comfortable, and make great accessories! Pillows add a sense of personality to your home décor and also add color/texture. Can you imagine your bed or sofa/furniture without pillows? Of course not, and then we rest our case.
Today’s freebie is a PSD square pillow mockup by Graphic Pear. It will allow you to showcase your design in a photorealistic way. It’s perfect for logo design, inspirational quotes, patterns, initials and all sorts of artworks. The PSD mockup is available in a blank mode so you can customize it according to your taste and concept (as in choose colors, lights, and background); it also comes with 4 ready-made fabric styles that you could use to add a more realistic touch. You can use it for both personal and business reasons, to see how your pillowcase accessories will look like in real life before actually printing them, or to present your designs online.

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