Free Square Trifold Leaflet Brochure Mockup (PSD)

Brochures are a great affordable way to promote your new business.  They’re easily accessible and get in direct contact with your target audience which is a bonus, because if your brochure is well designed and the audience got your message, they will most likely pass it around and show it to their friends/family members, hence the audience will promote your business for you.
Today’s freebie is a beautiful square trifold leaflet brochure mockup by Mockups Design. It will allow you to present your trifold brochure design in a professional way that will definitely impress your clients. The PSD mockup includes 4 shots/angles which will help showcase your design from different perspectives and give your clients a realistic presentation. You can easily add your photos, graphic, or text and customize the background according to your taste and concept. This mockup is available for both personal and commercial use. It’s perfect for all sorts of branding projects, advertisement, and web presentation. If you’re working on a sushi restaurant brochure design, for example, you can add some sushi pieces and chopsticks in a creative way in the background.

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