Free Stacked Business Cards Mockup (PSD)

A number of people do not enjoy stacks. They consider them to be messy and related to clutter, but when stacks are so symmetrically organized, how can you turn down a golden opportunity to use them? This is the high-quality stacked business cards mockup provided by Mockups Design.
The PSD file enables you to personalize the cards from three different angles, 2 top shots, and a perspective shot. And to those doubtful souls, rest assured, the shadows are set in a manner that shows stacks that alternate in size for a more appealing presentation. Because the cards (55 x 85 mm) are seen up close, your details will not go unnoticed. Insert logos, personal information (person in question, profession, phone number, and email), locations, etc. and change the color of the cards themselves to fit the brand you’re presenting.

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