Free Wedding invitation Template (AI)

Weddings are overwhelming, to say the least: the venue, the food, the events, the theme, and most importantly ? because a wedding only feels great with those who surround you ? the invitations. So to help you knock something off the wedding to-do-list, and to avoid any bridezilla (or groomzilla) encounters, we?d like to present this free wedding invitation template.
Created by S K Shuvo Chandra, it?s a professional and clean design with easy editing features that enable you to change the texts and colors featured via Adobe Photoshop. With floral decorations on each side and a gentle presentation with elegant fonts, readers will be invited to join a memorable ceremony with their loved ones and keep a gorgeous invitation for the scrapbook. A wedding isn?t called a special day for nothing, and this print-ready invitation will be at your disposal with one click to ensure that this day is truly special.

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