Plant Shop E-commerce App Template (FIG)

The world is in danger! And although we?re far away enough from the end of the world, its natural riches are decreasing day by day, leaving us with a burden and a responsibility. And because the smallest acts help, buying a green plant online is a step in the right direction. Whether it?s a personal addition to your household or a gift, you need to be able to check out the type of plant given for the best care, an easily doable task with this plant shop app template (e-commerce app for iOS) from Eda Gurdamar.
The free download introduces 3 designs with a minimalistic display dominated by a calming white color. Two of them enable you to showcase the plant options and their descriptions and a third that features the shopping filters including the price range of the shopper and the preferred type of plant. So download this Figma freebie and make the world just a little bit greener today.

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