Salam RTL PowerPoint Template (PPTX)

The more professional-looking a PowerPoint presentation is, the more time it takes to create it. But because we realize designers are always in a time crunch, we decided to present to you Salam, a RTL PowerPoint template designed and shared by Meem Slide. Salam means peace, and peace of mind is what it?ll bring you with its easy to customize features and original designs.
The free version of Salam provides multiple themes and offers you the option of using an animated or a non-animated PowerPoint Presentation. The first is suitable for branding projects and concept/idea development while the second can be used for fast-paced presentations and quick reviews. Thanks to the details that went into the organization of the template including the placement of the headlines, subheadings, icons, illustrations, and texts, you can simply insert your Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu, and other RTL texts, edit the images to fit your design, lay back, and enjoy the view.

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