Uniquses Abstract Design Elements (PNG)

Art, like most things that make the world the sublime place that it is, cannot be limited by a definition nor restricted by a place, time, or mean. It is simply the expression of human nature with all of its complexities and simplicities. And as we constantly redefine art, we do so with its tools as well with Uniquses.
Just like its name implies, Uniquses is a unique pack from Spvte, presenting you with a selection of design elements that bring innovation to any project. With a rough aesthetic and experiential displays, the pack combines artwork of shredded tape and paper, scribbles and doodles, as well as ?forms?, lines and abstractions with different inspirations that include Cubism and abstract art. These multi-purpose creations by Nick Aesty are limitless and, like art, their usage cannot be narrowed down, so they can always be used to modernize your designs with their never-seen-before style.

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