Vintage Sunburst Vector Set

The sun represents an important symbol in many countries and cultures. It holds the idea of a fresh start, of a brand new day full of opportunities. From the Teletubbies TV show to the Japanese flag, it?s always there to remind us that tomorrow holds another life.
And in honor of keeping this wonderful spirit, we bring you this sunburst vector set to fill your days (and projects) with light. This file is brought to you thanks to Veila and the amount of features included with it is outstanding. Coming in AI, EPS, SVG, & PNG formats, the package includes 100 sunburst vector templates that you can easily use in any future project, 29 hand-made vector illustrations to provide a creative and fun feel, and 4 amazing pre-made logo templates to cut you some slack. Ain?t no sunshine when it?s gone.

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