XGDragon PowerPoint Presentation Template

Have you ever used a finished presentation template? It takes care of all the little details that fall into the design of the presentation itself, leaving you with plenty of time to focus on the creations that you will soon include. And because there?s always a first time for everything, we decided to share the XG Dragon presentation template provided by Luckysign.
What we are offering today is a demo version that consists of a limited number of slides and features, so if you are interested in more, check out the full version. The slides created using PowerPoint mix the colors red, black, and white for a modern twist suitable for flashy projects like magazines, look books, and branding and marketing designs. It also brings a solid organization plan, so there is no need to edit anything, only to add images, photographs, headers, and texts. This free template does not need Photoshop nor InDesign to be customized.

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